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Strategic planning for businesses

For many small business owners in Colorado, writing strategic plans is very difficult. Part of the issue lies with being able to effectively articulate the direction the company will be heading as well as the strategy that will be employed for getting there. There are a few easy steps owners can take to write better strategic plans that can help the business reach its goals.

The first order of business should be to picture where the company should be in 3 to 5 years. Then, the owner can list the priorities in order of importance. If there is more than one owner or if the company has a board of directors, everyone should agree on the top three priorities that are listed.

After listing the main priorities, the owner should then write out the strategies for accomplishing them along with the goals and objectives. It is important to make certain all of the key personnel understand the plan and their individual responsibilities. Then, the owner should create the operational plan for the first year of the strategic plan. The plan can then be broken down by department and person with individual tasks assigned. Whenever business meetings are scheduled, the strategic plan should be addressed so everyone understands where the company is at and what still needs to be accomplished.

People who need help with articulating their strategic plans for their companies may want to meet with their business law attorneys for advice and guidance. Legal counsel can assist a client in identifying the company's main priorities as well as the strategies the company might use in order to achieve them more easily.

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