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Writing good business plans

Writing good business plans can make the difference in the success or failure of small start-up companies in Colorado. While many owners may have heard that business plans are important, they may not understand how to write ones that are effective.

A good business plan should include three primary components, including a marketing plan, a strategic plan and operational guidelines. Before writing the plan, owners should first conduct market research and ask themselves a series of questions informed by the data they gathered, including such things as how dedicated they are to the success of the business, whether or not they are prepared to work for months or years before making any money, the type of product or service being offered and whether the market will be a general or a niche one.

After doing the research and answering the questions, the owner then needs to think about what the objective for the company is. After writing a clear objective, the owner should then write the strategic plan, including both the vision and goals for the business. The marketing strategies that will be used to reach the targeted customers should also be included, along with an analysis of the services or products that will be offered.

Startups may use their business plans to attract venture capital or debt financing that may be needed to fund the company's activities until it becomes profitable. Entrepreneurs may want to get help from an attorney who has experience in counseling new ventures with conducting the analysis and research that may be necessary for writing solid plans.

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