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AT&T might buy Time Warner

Many Colorado residents regularly view television channels that are owned by Time Warner, including HBO, CNN and TNT. On Oct. 20, there was a report that AT&T may acquire Time Warner and all of its subsidiaries. Talks about the deal were serious enough that Time Warner stock trading was temporarily suspended.

21st Century Fox offered to buy Time Warner in 2014, but Time Warner rejected the offer. However, the CEO of Time Warner has remained willing to sell the company if he receives an offer that he is happy with. Time Warner merged with AOL previously, but numerous business analysts have called the merger a failure.

Informal talks between senior level executives at Time Warner and AT&T about a possible merger have reached an advanced stage, according to reports. The Wall Street Journal wrote that the Time Warner-AT&T deal could happen any day now, though there is still a possibility that the deal could collapse. AT&T reportedly offered both cash and stock in its bid to acquire Time Warner.

Owners of successful businesses may want to talk to an attorney about planning an exit strategy long before they are ready to sell them. An attorney may be able to help clients to develop strategies for improving the value of their company so that they can maximize their sale price later on. An attorney may also be able to represent a business owner during talks with a potential buyer. if the offer is accepted and it appears that the transaction will go forward, the attorney can also prepare and review the extensive documents that will be required.

Source: The Verge, "AT&T is reportedly in 'advanced talks' to buy Time Warner," Chris Welch, Oct. 21, 2016

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