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Business planning for 2017

Many entrepreneurs in Colorado are very busy during the holiday season. Ventures may be booming during the fourth quarter, and there may be a lot of holiday parties and family events to attend. Even during this hectic time, it is important for business owners to assess their goals for the new year.  

A business owner may have goals for 2017 such as increasing profits, launching a new product, hiring more employees or expanding to a new location. Whatever goals an owner has for the coming year, it is important that they take stock of where their business is right now. Looking at the business' current financial picture and assessing how well it met goals that were made last year can help an owner to create a plan and conquer new goals. 

After looking internally, a business owner should analyze the outside environment as well. Outside factors like competition, customer demand and economic trends can affect a business' chances of achieving its specific goals. An owner should take an honest look at both internal and external factors and then use that information to make a plan to reach new business goals. It is usually a good idea to break the plan into small, manageable pieces and then work on one piece at a time.  

If an entrepreneur has a goal to expand operations in 2017, then they may need to reevaluate their entire business plan to ensure that it works for their growing company. An attorney may be able to help an owner evaluate the legal concerns with growing a business. If it makes sense to change business entities or update employment contracts, a lawyer may provide assistance with both of these tasks. 

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