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The planning process for businesses

Some prospective Colorado entrepreneurs are afraid of business planning simply because they don't know how to approach it. While it may seem daunting to new business owners, they shouldn't avoid it or procrastinate with writing their plans. Having a good business plan in place may make it likelier that the venture will succeed.

Business owners that have written plans in the past should start by reviewing them. They should do so critically, looking for what worked and what did not. Those who haven't might want to start by reviewing sample business plans for similar companies in their fields.

If there are several partners, all of them should be involved in ongoing conversations about the business goals and the steps that will be needed in order to accomplish them. Business owners may also want to get feedback from their customers, suppliers, employees and others who have a stake in the business. Then, the business owner should think about the different scenarios, both good and bad, that could occur and how the business would handle them. After this, everyone involved with the planning process should then agree on the path that the business will take and put it in writing. The individual tasks should be assigned to various key players so that the company can progress towards achieving its goals.

One issue that can have an important effect on a new business both at the outset as well as during operations is regulatory compliance. This aspect is sometimes overlooked during the planning stages, but an attorney who has experience in advising start-ups will advise clients as to how important it can be.

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