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Nokia sues Apple over several key patents

Many people in Colorado use Apple products for business and personal use. Now, the complex technology that goes into creating many of those devices has become the subject of patent infringement claims. On Dec. 21, Nokia OYJ filed two lawsuits against Apple Inc. over dozens of alleged patent violations. The lawsuits involve technology that is used to create products such as the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac computers.

Nokia claims that Apple agreed to pay licensing fees for Nokia-owned patented inventions. However, Nokia says that Apple has refused to pay Nokia established industry licensing rates even though Apple has continued to use the patented inventions. Some of the inventions that are the subject of the litigation are necessary for high-quality video streaming and radio signal transmitting.

Apple and Nokia have been involved in intellectual property litigation before, and the two companies settled a two-year dispute over patent royalties in 2011. While Nokia has since stopped manufacturing phones, the Finland-based company has maintained its ownership of patents related to its prior cell phone business. A statement from Apple called Nokia a "patent troll" and accused the company of attempting to extort money from Apple for inventions that it had no part in creating. Apple says that Nokia's patent infringement lawsuits are a failing company's desperate attempt to make money.

Patents of inventions can be highly valuable, especially when the inventions are used in many different kinds of electronic devices. The owner of invention patents may want to talk to a lawyer about what rates to charge for licensing contracts. An attorney may also help a patent owner to pursue compensation for patent infringements.

Source: Bloomberg Technology, "Nokia Sues Apple to Escalate Mobile-Patent Licensing Battle," Nate Lanxon, Dec. 21, 2016

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