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Venture capital investing in the first quarter of 2017

Colorado entrepreneurs who are interested in funding their businesses using venture capital might be interested in learning that in the first three months of 2017, venture capitalists invested more than $16 billion in nearly 1,800 companies. Of that capital, half of it went to more than 500 companies in California. However, of the companies that did receive venture capital investments in that time, 69 percent were not in California. Companies in Washington D.C. and 46 states all received venture capital investment.

The most popular industries were software and life sciences. More than 900 deals were in these areas. However, software was among the industries that also had the highest number of exits in the same time period. The industries of software, commercial services and biotech made up almost three-quarters of all exits.

Despite the amount of venture capital investments, angel and seed investments were on the decline. In the same time period in 2016, there were 1,223 angel and seed investment deals. In 2017, there were only 827.

An entrepreneur who is seeking venture capital and angel investors might want to talk to an attorney about their needs. This may be particularly important for entrepreneurs who are outside of California or in industries that are not receiving as much attention as software or life sciences. While there is still investment money available, it may not be as readily accessible. An attorney might be able to assist an entrepreneur in creating a business plan and seeking this venture capital. Even an experienced entrepreneur might not be well-versed in many of the legal implications of this process, and an attorney may be able to ensure that documentation, tax filings and more are done correctly.

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