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Trademark infringement in the information age

Many business owners in Colorado and around the country are finding it increasingly difficult to protect their intellectual property in the information age. Eight out of ten of the senior executives who were surveyed in a poll said that intellectual property infringement was becoming more common, but many of them also said that they were doing little to keep track of or address the problem.

Senior managers and executives are particularly concerned about the long-term damage that trademark infringement can do to brand perception. A flood of cheaply-made counterfeit goods can severely damage reputations for quality and durability that have taken decades to build, and companies associated with luxury and exclusivity may find it difficult to attract customers when inexpensive copies of their products are widely available.

Protecting against trademark infringement is important for both small local businesses and nationwide companies, but research shows that many entrepreneurs and executives devote little time and few resources to tackling the problem. The internet allows people free and unfettered access to logos and slogans, and most experts believe that the unauthorized use of intellectual property will become an even bigger problem in the years ahead.

Attorneys with business law experience may advise their clients to act quickly when their intellectual property may be being used without their consent, but they could also urge them to settle these matters quickly if possible. Intellectual property lawsuits can be complex and difficult to litigate, and they may also be viewed as heavy-handed if the infringement in question was minor or inadvertent. Attorneys could also advise business owners to monitor their intellectual property closely for signs of unauthorized use. When trademark infringement is detected in its early stages, a cease and desist letter may be a quick answer to the problem.

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