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How AR and VR can help a company

Colorado business owners have likely heard of augmented reality and virtual reality. The Pokemon Go game that was all the rage in 2016 is an example of augmented reality, but there are far more sophisticated applications that may benefit a corporate entity. Virtual reality has also been implemented to create more realistic environments for computer games. Like AR, there are other applications for VR beyond how it is used today.

A company may be able to make use of AR and VR because it allows them to actively engage with customers. Using touch, sound or smell may heighten the customer experience and make it easier for companies to build relationships with them. The use of these technologies may make it possible to share information about a company's goods and services in a manner superior to what has been available in the past.

Businesses may be able to use AR to help both residential and commercial customers. The WayfairView app allows customers to see how furniture will look in their home before making an order. This same technology also makes it easier for plant managers to assemble or install equipment because they can see the process unfold on their phone.

AR and VR hardware and software may make it easier to help customers while lowering marketing costs at the same time. However, as technology evolves, it may create liability and other issues for companies. For instance, a customer may complain or threaten legal action if a piece of furniture looks different in their home than it did online. Companies may wish to hire a business law professional to help defend against claims or to help write disclaimers to possibly reduce the odds of a claim being made.

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