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Creating a small business

Colorado residents that want to be entrepreneurs should know that it takes a lot of effort and preparation to start a business. Understanding the process that starting a brand-new enterprise entails can help aspiring entrepreneurs to avoid common pitfalls.

Before any investments are made into a small business, thorough market research should be conducted. This means gathering all the information necessary to figure out if a simple idea can be transformed into a viable business venture. Potential customers can be surveyed as well as current business owners in the nearby area. The information that is obtained can then be used to develop a strategy for gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

The next step to creating a startup is drafting a business plan. It will be used to detail exactly what type of business is being created, its location, who will manage it, when it will be operated and how a profit will be obtained. A well-thought-out business plan is essential for securing a small business loan.

The executive summary may be the most important aspect of the business plan. It will provide the name of the business and a description of the product or service it is selling. This one-page section also should provide an analysis of the local competition, a marketing plan, financial forecasts and details on how the business will stand out from the competition. The names of the management team as well as each person's relevant industry experience should also be listed.

An attorney that practices business and commercial law may assist clients with the legalities of forming a business. A lawyer may assist with drafting business plans, securing seed capital from angel investors, staying in compliance with securities laws, creating the right type of business entities and other legal services needed for the creation of new enterprises.

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