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The effect of gender equality in the investing space

In a world that is moving towards gender equality, numerous beacons pop up in Colorado and elsewhere throughout the country to help light the way forward. A case in point is a San Francisco woman who is an angel investor thriving in an industry that is male-dominated. For context, 7.4% of angel investors are female, and this imbalance affects who ends up being funded. Consequently, this woman strives to level the playing field and offer female entrepreneurs the same opportunities afforded to their male counterparts.

In fact, the woman, with the help of her mentors and advisors, is starting her own venture capital firm. This is excellent news for any late-stage start-up, especially since females comprise a meager 6% of venture capitalists. Hopefully, as more women enter the investing space, both angel and venture, the result should be felt across the entire startup space, empowering female entrepreneurs.

With all that said, the woman is aware of all the obstacles that lie ahead of her as well as how best to overcome them. For one thing, she plans to play to her strengths whether it is her experience or what makes her special. Furthermore, she realizes the importance of having a strong support system, particularly people who believe in her. Finally, throughout the entire journey, she is aware how gender stereotypes can subconsciously affect her decisions, which is something she has to be careful of.

Aside from empowering females, people like this woman can help inspire other women to follow suit. Furthermore, by bringing balance to the finance sector, women can help start-ups have a better fighting chance to acquire funding based on their fundamentals rather than letting gender bias rear its ugly head. Ergo, start-ups should find it easier to receive funding based on their ideas. Nevertheless, any entrepreneurs that are uncertain of their capabilities to receive funding whether they are in Silicon Valley or Denver, Colorado, can turn to legal representation to help them with everything from writing the business plan to closing the deal with the angel investors.

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