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Can posting about your employer on Facebook get you fired?

Your boss is just awful. You know it, your co-workers know it, but you want to inform the world about their terrible ways. What better method to exercise your anger than a rant on Facebook? As satisfying as it would be to unleash the months of built up hard feelings, you should think twice before you let your fingers do the talking.

Privacy settings cannot save you

It is not just Facebook causing issues in the workplace. LinkedIn and Twitter top the list of social media sites where you need to be cautious with what you say and who can see it. Remember once you put the message out there, you cannot take it back. This “forever” aspect of the internet is what makes it such a useful tool, but can also make it harmful in the workplace. Even posting that you are “sooooo bored @ work” will land you in hot water. If the post was written in passing and you do not remember doing it or why, don’t worry, Google never forgets. Now your boss cannot either.

Gulp, your boss wants a meeting

In the modern workplace, the reality is you can be fired for no reason at all. The majority of states operate using an "employment at will" clause. The company does not need an explanation when terminating an at-will employee. While it seems unfair, they owe you nothing. 

Think then post; in that order. Next time you are tempted to hit “share” consider whether or not this update is worth losing your job.

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