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Intellectual property is a major factor in tech deals

For many entrepreneurs and business people in Colorado, intellectual property is a highly prized asset. Indeed, for the tech industry in particular, copyrights, trademarks, patents and other IP have led to some particularly well-known disputes that have required extensive litigation to resolve. During acquisitions and mergers, many technology corporations view handling potential intellectual property issues as paramount.

Companies need to review the intellectual property they already own in line with their acquisitions when planning new products in order to avoid any risks or gaps that could lead to problems. From allegations of industrial espionage and misuse of trade secrets to long-running disputes over patents, intellectual property litigation has become a major part of the tech industry. Smartphone manufacturers Apple and Samsung have battled over patents while Apple and Microsoft disputed copyrights. In some cases, former high-ranking employees at one company have been accused of bringing confidential documents to a new employer.

When a startup is being evaluated, its intellectual property is frequently the critical part of any potential deal, even more so than traditional metrics for valuation such as market penetration and revenues. Deals for mergers and acquisitions involve intense attention to handling IP, including reviewing third-party agreements and licenses that are already in place.

When entrepreneurs are keeping their eyes open to potential acquisitions, having a firm grasp on the intellectual property aspects can be a major advantage. People who are working to build and grow a business can receive important counsel on their copyrights, patents and other intellectual property from a business and commercial lawyer. An attorney can help to ensure that a business is handling its IP properly.

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