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What to address in a business plan

The first steps of the business planning process include creating a plan for what the company does and how it will do it. This can be helpful whether the business will operate in Colorado or any other state. Business owners should also be sure that they consider who their competition is and what makes them successful. Taking this step can help a new business determine how it will be different and better than existing companies in its field.

A business plan should spend time discussing who the company's target market will be and how to reach these people. A vision statement can be helpful as it defines what a business owner is trying to do by starting the company. It can also help to clarify to lenders or investors what the brand is trying to do and why the brand would be worth providing capital to.

As part of the business formation process, a company should think about the costs it will incur such as obtaining raw materials or paying employees. Other costs may include income taxes, rent and utilities. The ability to create a reasonable projection may make it possible to better estimate how much money to ask a lender or investor for. There will likely be a marketing budget and employee payroll to account for as well.

Whether a company has just been created or is already established, it may be worthwhile to retain someone familiar with business law. This person might be paid on a retainer or made a full-time member of the company. Having a legal professional available may be helpful in the event of disputes with vendors, employees or regulators. Counsel may be able to help resolve these disputes in a favorable manner either in or out of court.

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