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December 2019 Archives

American says it owns trademark for 'Flagship'

Colorado residents who have flown American Airlines may be familiar with the term 'Flagship' in connection to the airline's premium services. American says that it began using the term 'Flagship' in the 1930s and officially protected the term as a trademark in 1999. On Dec. 17, American sued Delta Airlines for allegedly infringing on its 'Flagship' trademark.

Former Apple employee and designer facing breach of contract suit

A new data-processing chip may be poised to set the next standard for data centers, but the lead and his new startup must first get past legal challenges brought by Apple. The tech giant brought several claims to bear against a former employee and his new company, Nuvia. Apple's list of complaints includes breach of contract and intellectual property theft. A look at state law and similar cases provides insight on the possible outcomes.

Complexities of intellectual property in Baby Yoda cases

When companies perceive that a violation of intellectual property rights has occurred, they may want to pursue the party that has committed the violation. However, there are also situations in which the company might determine that there are better courses of action. Colorado fans of "The Mandalorian" might have noticed this playing out around the image of Baby Yoda.

The best defense to discrimination claims is to avoid them

As an employer here in Colorado, you certainly don't want a reputation for having a bad working atmosphere. If employees don't feel as though they work in a place free from hostility, discrimination, retaliation and harassment, word will get around. More importantly, as a business owner, you genuinely want to make sure that your employees feel safe.

Judge puts a halt to Nike's "Sport Changes Everything" campaign

Colorado residents who watched the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in July may have seen Nike commercials that featured the tagline 'Sport Changes Everything." The Portland-based athletic apparel maker invested $16 million in the campaign hoping that it would associate the brand with youth sports, but future ads were put on hold on Dec. 2 when a U.S. district court judge issued a preliminary injunction that prevents the company from using the 'Sport Changes Everything" slogan.

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