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Intellectual Property Archives

Protecting intellectual property is vital in the business world

What makes a Colorado company unique can often make or break it. Commonly, intellectual property, like ideas, services, products and more, is essential to setting a company apart from competitors. As a result, protecting that property can prove crucial to ensuring that another person or company does not use it without permission.

Snapchat at work defending trademark again

Recently, Snap Inc., owners of Snapchat, filed a complaint against a startup company for its use of a product name Snap, Inc. says is too close to one of its own. While some may argue that this matter should be put to rest because the names are not identical, others understand that Snap stands to lose revenue in the long run if this issue goes unaddressed. The trademark issue in this case may strike a chord with some business owners in Colorado who may be dealing with similar situations, so it will be a good case to follow.  

Lawsuit over trademarks come against Fortnite

Intellectual property is important to businesses for a variety of reasons. If another company starts using a copyrighted image or trademarked name without permission, it could cause confusion among consumers as well as potentially cause damages for the holders of those trademarks or copyrights. As a result, litigation over that infringement could occur.

Protecting intellectual property on social media can be tricky

These days, most companies have an online presence. It is often necessary to have a website, to participate on social media and to create online access to goods and services. However, posting online can be tricky when it comes to protecting intellectual property. Many business owners in Colorado may worry that others could violate their copyrighted IP.

How can business owners protect intellectual property?

Running a business can mean having to come up with unique and innovative ideas that set a company apart from the competition. For some Colorado business owners, these ideas may flow easily, but it is important that they take the proper steps to protect their ideas and other intellectual property. Otherwise, competitors could try to copy those ideas.

Trademarks can help businesses protect intellectual property

Running a Colorado business involves a lot of original thinking. Owners need to think of branding ideas, names, slogans, logos and more that can help make their businesses more recognizable. Of course, after gaining success, a business could be at risk of having others use similar words or logos to confuse potential customers, which is why having trademarks is important.

Led Zeppelin defeats copyright infringement claim on appeal

Classic rock fans in Colorado instantly recognize the song "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin, but a chord sequence from the famous song has been at the heart of a copyright dispute. The members of the British rock band have now resolved the case after an 11-judge panel at a U.S. appeals court affirmed the original ruling in 2016 that declared that the songwriter accusing the rock group of infringement could not prove a violation of copyright.

Hard seltzer companies in fizzy trademark dispute

One of Colorado's best-known companies is locked in a trademark battle over the name of its hard seltzer product. Molson Coors is facing a trademark infringement lawsuit over the name of its newly announced Vizzy brand, which is scheduled to launch in the future. Future Proof Brands, which manufactures an alternate hard seltzer called Brizzy, said that the company should be barred from using the name due to a risk of consumer confusion in the marketplace. Brizzy was created in 2018 and launched in the market in September 2019, and its manufacturer expects to exceed $2 million in sales in its first year of availability.

H&M wins long-running trademark dispute with Adidas

Trademark owners in Colorado and around the country sometimes find themselves embroiled in legal battles with infringers that drag on for years, but few of them last as long as the dispute between Adidas and H&M. The case began in 1997 when Adidas filed a lawsuit against the Swedish clothing company over allegedly infringing merchandise, and it was finally resolved in favor of H&M on Jan. 28.

IP concerns for Colorado cannabis businesses

The legalization of cannabis in Colorado has opened up new frontiers for entrepreneurs developing new products, strains or marketing methods. Just like in other businesses, however, intellectual property can be a major concern. People distinguish their products and services from one another with unique taglines, logos and branding, and trademark and copyright protection can be essential to formalizing that process. However, despite statewide legalization in a number of areas, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO, continues to refuse registration for marks related to the cannabis industry, particularly for goods made from the cannabis plant.

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