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Deciding to dissolve their business not easy for owners

It is common knowledge that many small businesses do not see the years of success that many entrepreneurs hope to achieve. Of course, it is possible for business owners to obtain a certain level of success and have the ability to grow their business for a time and then suffer considerable setbacks because of outside factors. In some cases, Colorado business owners may have to decide to dissolve their business if they do not see another way out.

Selling a business is a multifaceted endeavor

Building a business can take years, and achieving success with that business can sometimes take decades. Even though Colorado entrepreneurs put in the work necessary to create a successful venture, they also know that a time may come to step away from the effort and pursue other endeavors. As a result, selling a business may be of interest to some who are ready to move forward.

Selling a business can be a long but profitable experience

Often, starting and growing a business is the highlight of many Colorado residents' lives. They likely have put years of hard work, time and money into their company in hopes of creating a successful venture. Even when the desired success is reached, it does not always mean that an owner wants to continue with the company. As a result, there may come a time when selling a business is needed or desired.

What steps are involved with dissolving a business?

Though many Colorado residents who start their own businesses hope that their companies will outlive them, that is not always what happens. Some business owners need or want to dissolve their companies for many reasons, and not all of them point to a lack of success. Some individuals may feel that the time has come to move on from the company, or personal matters may have made it difficult to keep the business running.

Getting prepared for a successful business sale

While some Colorado business owners may want to spend their lives with their companies, others look forward to selling off the business. Some people may look for potential in selling to a larger company, while others may look forward to retirement. In either case, people want to see all of their work result in a profitable outcome. However, some business owners may face unexpected difficulties. There are certain guidelines that people can keep in mind that may help them make the most of selling their business.

T-Mobile/Sprint merger moves forward after judge's approval

For many Colorado business owners, mergers and acquisitions can be an important way to expand their enterprise by bringing on former competitors. However, negotiating a successful one can be complex for companies of any size and in any industry. Especially for larger corporations, some mergers may even face official opposition. In New York, officials announced that they were joining Colorado in ending their legal battle to stop the combination of two major wireless companies after a judge approved the agreement. T-Mobile and Sprint, two of the nation's largest mobile phone service providers, are merging in a $40 billion deal.

Steps to closing a business

A business owner in Colorado may decide to close their business for a number of different reasons. Sometimes, a business isn't profitable anymore, so selling it makes good financial sense. In other cases, a business owner may simply wish to move on to other interests. Whatever the reason for closing, the owner must take appropriate steps to dissolve the business correctly.

Why those interested in selling a business should start now

Business owners in Colorado who are thinking about selling their business may want to start the process sooner than later. Economic uncertainty makes timing critical. If an owner can wait about five years, there is no problem. However, if a person wants to sell in one to three years, now would be a good time to start the process.

Calculating capital gains when selling a company

When business assets are sold in Colorado or any other state, the seller may have to pay capital gains taxes on any profits realized. Capital gains can be categorized as short-term or long-term gains depending on how long an asset was held. Short-term gains are generally taxed at an individual's ordinary income tax rate while long-term gains were taxed at 17% as of 2018.

Colorado company grows by acquiring other companies

Medicine Man Technologies is based in Denver, Colorado, but it is looking to grow into a national or international business. It has recently spent more than $300 million on entities both in Colorado and in other states. These acquisitions have increased the company's revenue from roughly $10 million at the start of 2019 to about $170 million. The purchases were funded in part by an investment from a firm called Dye Capital in Florida.

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