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AT&T might buy Time Warner

Many Colorado residents regularly view television channels that are owned by Time Warner, including HBO, CNN and TNT. On Oct. 20, there was a report that AT&T may acquire Time Warner and all of its subsidiaries. Talks about the deal were serious enough that Time Warner stock trading was temporarily suspended.

Process and options for exiting or dissolving a partnership

When people in Colorado join together to form a business, it is rarely with the intent to dissolve the venture in the future. However, there are many reasons that a partnership may end, such as retirement or simply because a partner determines that the business is no longer a priority. At this point, there are certain legal issues to consider.

Key documents in the acquisition of a business

If you have started a small business and another large business eyes it for purchase, you have probably dreamed of this day. After all, when small businesses are bought, the increase in value is commonly large enough to make a business owner a great deal of money. But like any other successful business move, purchasers must do their due diligence. Essentially, an acquirer of your business will want to review a number of documents concerning your business before going through with a deal.

What to expect when selling a business

There are some people who own and operate the same business their entire lives, while others choose to start and then sell a variety of businesses throughout their careers. No matter which category you fall into, business sales can be hard to navigate, especially the first time around.

What needs to be considered in business valuation of restaurants?

If you are planning to sell your business or might consider doing so in the near future, getting an accurate business valuation is crucial. To an entrepreneur who built his business from the ground up, that company may seem priceless. Naturally, however, you'll need a more objective estimation.

The basics of buy-sell agreements, Part II: Triggering events

In today's post, we are continuing a discussion we started last week about buy-sell agreements. If you co-own a business with one or more people, the company should be able to survive and experience minimal disruption if one of the partners can no longer retain a stake in the business. Buy-sell agreements are written with those goals in mind.

The basics of buy-sell agreements, Part I: What they are

There are advantages to starting a business with one or more other people, as compared to going it alone. For starters, sharing the work and financial risk is easier with co-owners. Unfortunately, however, there are also some risks involved. This includes uncertainty about what happens to the business when a co-owner experiences a major change in life circumstances and leaves the business.

Additional things to keep in mind when selling your business

A couple weeks ago, we discussed things that business owners need to keep in mind as they prepare to sell their business. The sale of an established business is a complex process; one which can be precarious for your financial health and the long-term health of your company. Because of the risks and complexities involved, you may want to seek the help of an experienced business law attorney.