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Legal Concerns with Growing a Business

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As a business expands, so does the complexity and number of legal issues it faces. To ensure that your business is growing within the bounds of the law, turn to an experienced business growth attorney at the law office of Bryan E. Kuhn, Counselor at Law, P.C. Under the guidance of knowledgeable lawyer Bryan Kuhn, we provide small- to medium-sized businesses with the assistance they need when expanding their business horizons.

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There are many aspects of growing a business that an owner must take into consideration when expanding his or her business.

Employment law, employee concerns and employment law compliance – We are able to effectively guide employers through growing their business, hiring more employees and structuring employee manuals to protect the business and its assets. As a company grows, the business becomes subject to increasing regulation, such as FMLA, the Colorado Wage Claim Act, as well as regulation by agencies such as the EEOC, DORA, CCRD, and OSHA.

Investor relationships, banking and capital – When expanding a business, expanded sources of capital are frequently required. We assist in securing the new capital necessary to expand your business. We also help you respond to questions your investors will have regarding the expansion and address issues that arise involving the business’s banking and accounting practices.

Managing new real estate leases and growth – Commercial real estate property may need to be acquired if the business requires additional space to accommodate new employees and opportunities. Mr. Kuhn can help business owners find the real estate needed for their growing business as well as effectively handle leases or other real estate transactions.

Protection of intellectual property and company name – Intellectual property created and produced by the company, including the name, should be copyrighted and trademarked whenever possible. We are able to effectively handle intellectual property issues throughout the lifecycle of your business.

Legal Concerns Affecting The Growth Of A Business, We Can Help

Your business and its future are important to us. For more information regarding the legal matter you may be facing when expanding your business, contact the attorneys at Bryan E. Kuhn, Counselor at Law, P.C in Denver, Colorado today. We can help guide you through the expansion and continue to act as your outside in-house counsel throughout the life of your business.

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