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Losing your job can cause extreme financial and emotional hardships for you and your family. If you are an employer, costly lawsuits can cause significant business losses and damage your reputation.

Our employment law attorneys understand the serious consequences that employers and employees face in a shaky employment relationship. They can help prevent business losses or assist you recover various forms of relief, including obtaining severance agreements, changing the stated reason for separation from termination to resignation, get employers to agree not to contest unemployment benefits, and help clients secure monetary settlements.

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Representing Employees And Employers: An Advantage

We have a comprehensive knowledge of employment law issues because we represent both employees and employers. This knowledge helps us effectively represent our clients in negotiations or at trial.

Protecting Employees From Harassment And Discrimination

In the course of our employment law practice in Denver, Colorado, we have handled many employment law matters, including:

  • Wrongful termination Under the Colorado at-will employment rule, employees can lose their jobs at any time. However, when a termination is wrongful or unlawful, we can help employees recover wage loss or other damages. We may also be able to help you retain your current job.
  • Discrimination As an employment discrimination lawyer, Bryan E. Kuhn has dealt extensively with employment discrimination cases involving sexual harassment, hostile workplace environments, racial discrimination, and discrimination based on religion, age, gender, ethnicity or national origin, disability and sexual orientation. We help clients recover damages and earn the respect they deserve.
  • Sexual harassment – We also represent employees who have been the victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. These situations can also lead to a hostile work environment, which is unacceptable and illegal.

Advising Employers To Help Prevent Business Losses

We defend employers in employee lawsuits (such as wrongful termination, discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuits) and advise them regarding the following issues:

  • Civil rights
  • Hostile working environments
  • Whistleblowers
  • Policy and procedure violations
  • Statutory violations
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Employment agreements

We also draft, review and revise all management and operations policies as a preventative risk management service to our employer clients.

Success In A Variety Of Employment Law Matters

Our employment law attorneys have dealt extensively with various other employment law matters such as Qui Tam, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), whistleblowers, Colorado Wage Claim Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Title VII and breaches of contracts.

Recovering For Employees, And Preventing Business Losses For Employers

The law firm of Bryan E. Kuhn, Counselor at Law, P.C., actively provides detailed and extensive analysis of the pros and cons of each employment law case with due diligence upfront, and determines if settlement or litigation is the most advisable approach. We want our clients to make the most informed decision on each case. Contact us for a consultation.

“I used the Bryan E. Kuhn, Counselor at Law, P.C. team to help me with a case. They were always professional, upfront, and positive providing guidance while keeping me informed.”
– L.H.

“Everyone at the firm was professional, responsive and courteous. I would definitely recommend this firm if you are in need of superior legal assistance.”
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“Bryan and his law firm operate with great professionalism and personal touch. I appreciated the way he and his team offered transparent communication.”
– N.S.

“The team was very professional in helping me to get through an uncomfortable ADA situation at my workplace. This was a very good legal experience. I would recommend Bryan E. Kuhn & team to anyone who needs work related legal help.”
– D.L.

“Bryan, Katie, and all the staff in this office are super fast to respond, expert in their fields, and always helpful. We have been extremely pleased with their services for our small business.”
– T.Z.