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Colorado companies facing business litigation over ADA issues

A growing business needs various options for reaching clients and customers. In many cases, companies these days have websites that serve multiple purposes, from advertising to sales to payment-making options. While having an appealing website is important, business owners also need to ensure that they comply with laws and regulations or face business litigation.

Business litigation over Disney character moves forward

Though most businesses in Colorado and elsewhere will face at least one lawsuit over the course of their operations, lawsuits are not something to take lightly. Even when another company brings a claim that seems to have no support, it is important to treat it seriously. After all, frivolous lawsuits often come about when someone hopes to obtain compensation, and any misstep during business litigation could have negative outcomes for the defending company.

McDonald's facing claims of discrimination, contract disputes

Most large corporations know that legal claims can come against them for almost any reason. In fact, most businesses, whether big or small, will face a lawsuit at some point during the course of their operations. Claims of discrimination and contract disputes are among the most common, and they continue to affect businesses.

Litigation against Google could turn into class action suit

When a company learns that it is facing a lawsuit, taking action is necessary. Gaining information on the claims, the type of lawsuit, the individuals or entities involved and other important details could help Colorado companies and those elsewhere effectively handle lawsuits. While any type of claim can be a challenge to address, class action litigation can put even more on the line.

Privacy concerns leave Google facing business litigation

Being upfront with clients and customers is important to most business owners. Of course, even if owners believe that they are giving consumers all the information they need, some may feel as if they were kept in the dark. Unfortunately, if consumers believe that a company did not properly inform them, business litigation could result.

Employers, remember to consider the legality of COVID-19 tests

Our law firm understands that almost everyone has numerous concerns over returning to work in these difficult times. Though many Colorado business owners are eager to get operations back underway, it can be tricky to convince workers of the benefits, especially when health risks could be involved. Some employers may consider setting up testing for COVID-19 in hopes of providing more protection.

Colorado employees concerned about lifted stay-at-home orders

In the current climate across the world, we understand that many Colorado employees and employers are facing serious concerns about going to work. In recent weeks, individuals deemed essential workers had to continue working regardless of stay-at-home orders and undoubtedly have concerns about their health and the health risks they pose to their families. As the state works to lift stay-at-home orders and reopen various establishments previously considered nonessential, many employees will likely face the requirement of going back to work or losing their jobs entirely.

Contract disputes can result after employee termination

When companies merge, it is common for roles to change. Individuals who founded one company may end up in a different position within the new company, and there is no guarantee that employment will remain indefinitely. Still, such terms are usually agreed upon in business agreements, but contract disputes could arise.

Former Apple employee and designer facing breach of contract suit

A new data-processing chip may be poised to set the next standard for data centers, but the lead and his new startup must first get past legal challenges brought by Apple. The tech giant brought several claims to bear against a former employee and his new company, Nuvia. Apple's list of complaints includes breach of contract and intellectual property theft. A look at state law and similar cases provides insight on the possible outcomes.

CBS sued for infringing rights to 'The Andy Griffith Show' theme

Previous generations in Colorado enjoyed "The Andy Griffith Show" on television. To this day, the iconic whistling theme music for the show remains recognizable. Fans of the show may be interest to learn that the heirs currently holding the rights to the music, composed by Earle Hagen and Herbert Spencer in the 1950s, have filed a federal lawsuit against CBS for infringing on the music's copyright.

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