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Venture Capital Archives

What is happening to new Colorado businesses every 3 days?

We have previously discussed how popular Colorado is becoming with entrepreneurs on this blog. Based on a number of factors unique to the state, business owners have been flocking to parts of Colorado to launch their startup business. But a new study confirms just how many startups began last year.

What 4 factors attract venture capital for startups?

Starting a business in Colorado can be a very exciting experience for eager entrepreneurs. However, this is not to say that it is ever an easy or straightforward process. There are a number of challenges that a business owner will face throughout the life of the business, but one of the first obstacles that many people arrive at is securing venture capital

Google Ventures proves to be venture capital powerhouse

One of the most important steps in starting and growing a business is securing enough seed capital to support the birth or growth of a company. Business owners in Colorado often need financial support for a business idea, and they may also benefit from securing legal resources that can locate and capitalize on potential funding prospects in order to complete these business transactions.

Denver businesses see decrease in venture capital last year

One of the most difficult challenges that people face when starting a business is securing the funds necessary to get it up and moving. Some people can rely on personal savings or a network of friends and family to invest in a startup company, but often times, this is insufficient. In general, it can be necessary for a company to get the funds from an investor who is willing to provide venture capital.

Colorado startup gaining ground with area venture capitalists

High-tech startup Prosperent is getting a lot of attention after a report earlier this month in the Colorado Springs Business Journal. The article stated the company was looking to move outside the Colorado Springs area in hopes of finding more programming talent that it needs to expand and grow the company. The article resulted in their phones ringing with a variety of inquiries, but it was two calls in particular that got the attention of the co-founders of the company. The first was a call from Colorado-based Access Venture Partners and the other was from the founder of Startup Colorado Springs, a member of the Peak Venture Group.

Denver: Kickstarter, other sites increase crowdfunding scrutiny

Over the past two years, a Denver investor has backed nine different projects on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Three of the projects he funded have resulted in success, six have not. Not really a huge success, but also not a total failure either. Crowdfunding, for those new to the term, is where investors or donors agree to pledge anywhere from $1 to whatever a particular project is requesting to help an entrepreneur, artist or inventor get their brilliant idea or concept off the ground. In return for their pledge they may receive online recognition, a return on their investment or some gadget or product the inventor hopes to create.

Does venture capital investing create jobs in Denver, elsewhere?

After receiving a $10 million investment, EverFi, a district based education startup company is planning on hiring up to a 100 employees around the country, and hopefully in the Denver area as well within the next 18 months. The $10 million investment was from a group of financiers with some of the biggest names in consumer technology, including Amazon's chief executive Jeff Bezos, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams and Google's Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Did Facebook IPO put the kibosh on other IPOs?

This time last year 19 companies had made an initial public offering. Not one company has gone public since Facebook went public last month, and 14 companies have delayed or withdrawn their IPO plans, why is that? Additionally, there is not one public offering scheduled for this week, thanks mainly to the European debt crisis. Coloradoans might be wondering if Facebook's rather inauspicious start may be partly or perhaps entirely to blame for the recent drop in new IPOs.

Denver: is there such a thing as venture capital philanthropy?

It is often said that some of the most innovative thinkers are involved in start-up companies, but the problem is these entrepreneurs often have difficulty finding seed money to get their brilliant ideas off the ground. With the strain on the economy over the last few years, more and more venture capital firms have tightened the purse strings and become adverse to certain risk factors in funding decisions, as reported in a previous post. With the decline in venture capital funding in the last decade, unless a start-up has a commercially viable product ready to launch, it can be difficult to find the funds to help get the product to market.

U.S. Venture capital industry gets boost with passage of JOBS Act

Last week the House and senate passed bipartisan legislation called the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act that will help jumpstart the United States economy. The U.S. venture capital industry has been in decline for the past ten years and this legislation will be important in reinvigorating American innovation and increasing business startups.

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