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New Partnership Aims to Help Emerging Businesses

A lot has been said about how the Great Recession has hurt existing businesses. It's been nearly impossible to pick up a newspaper on any given day in the last five years and not see a story about layoffs, bankruptcies, declining sales or credit woes.

Smart business plan helps to create Colorado tennis center

For anyone who loves tennis, Louisville, Colorado, may be the next hot spot to play. If all of the transactions go through smoothly, sometime next year the city may be home to the state's largest tennis club. The business plan includes 25 indoor and outdoor tennis courts, six smaller courts for children, a clubhouse and a highly qualified team of professional coaches and trainers. The facility will be on a 13-plus acre parcel of land that the Rocky Mountain Tennis Center purchased last year. The site is located on the northeast corner of West Dillon Road and South 96th Street. Earlier in November, the city council gave its preliminary approval of the project. It is now hoped that final approval will come in the spring.

Windsor considers business plan to attract new business

As Colorado along with the rest of the country fights its way back from recession, many communities believe that the ability to attract new business offering new services, products, and jobs may be just what the doctor ordered. Think of it as a business plan to attract business. To that end, the Windsor Town Board is addressing the issue of an economic incentives policy, proposed by the town's business development manager.

Foreclosure as part of business plan

In these tough economic times, it is all too common to hear of Colorado businesses facing foreclosure proceedings. However, it's not always realized that these actions could indicate a positive turn in terms of the businesses' futures. In some cases, the foreclosure may have even been part of the property owner's well-thought-out business plan.

Colorado business plan attracts strong interest

The business plan for an Aerospace and Clean Energy project (ACE) in Loveland, Colorado is picking up steam. The Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology (CAMT) has already guaranteed its participation in the city's proposal to use its Agilent Campus for the ACE project, the result of diligent and coordinated planning by the community. This has occurred as the direct result of a conscientious effort on the part of the local government and community to create and pursue a business plan designed to attract the project.

Business plan leads to goldmine in Denver

An idea can grow from nothing and blossom into a lucrative industry rich with promise. One such venture is now blooming in Colorado - Colorado Correctional Industries is launching a new enterprise designed to supply raw buffalo milk to a Denver-based food company. According to officials from Colorado Correctional Industries (CCI), the company recognized the need for water buffalo milk in mozzarella cheese production and set out to construct a business plan that would accommodate that need. CCI is a company that is staffed by inmates. Inmates will work for as much as $10 per hour at the newly established dairy.

Pueblo business plan seeks $33.1 million state grant

Everybody wins when a local government puts together a business plan aimed at spurring development. Pueblo is doing just that for the Denver area, offering a unique opportunity for construction projects and business investment.

Grant funds business plan advice for local clean-energy startups

While times are tough for many businesses, there are still opportunities for investment. Innovation and entrepreneurship are the driving forces behind a bright spot the economy in Colorado, providing an opportunity for start-ups with promising business plans to develop. To give an example, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has granted funding to Rocky Mountain Innosphere (RMI), a project based in Fort Collins, to launch a number of new clean-energy businesses.

Airline ownership restructuring would give pilots an equity stake

The airline industry has been hit hard by rising fuel costs, and at least one of Denver's leading carriers has had to think way outside of the box as a result. The parent company of Frontier Airlines and the carrier's Pilots Association announced earlier this week that they have agreed to restructure the airline's ownership.

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